Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meanwhile, in the travels of the Ruckus...

We of The Ruckus are spread like butter through the rocky crevices of these United States. We've got one in Florida, one in California, two in New York and a whole slew of FOTrucks in every nook and cranny you can imagine. (FOT•ruck |fôtrək| (noun) - a word just in this minute coined by Allison Shoemaker that indicates a person or animal that is a 'Friend of The Ruckus'). While I wish they could all serve the cause in person, their lives have taken them elsewhere. In the case of company member and logo-bearer Seth Miller, he's ended up in Brooklyn, the land where skinny jeans go to die. (Nothing but love for you, Brooklyn.)

What is he doing there?

Seth, along with fellow FOTrucks George Frye, Mark Jaynes and Joe Stratton, are Not Blood, Paint. They're killer. You can find them on iTunes, MySpace, YouTube, and a bunch of other places -- and last week, their album 'Pure Electron' was reviewed by The Deli Magazine. They've "created a new breed of rock that is at times earthy, at others cerebral while remaining melodious and true to its roots." Awesome, right? You can read the whole thing here. We're proud.

You may have also heard them in the pre-show music for HEIST PLAY, if you were in on that action. It's the one with the phrase 'you and your opposable thumbs' in it. Difficult phrase to miss.

What else is Seth up to? Well, you can check out his work as a playwright in October/November as a part of 'TELL IT & SPEAK IT & THINK IT & BREATHE IT.' You can have him serve you food, if you're rich and live in New York City. Or you can send him emails and beg him to visit, if you're the Chicago contingent of The Ruckus.

Also, Seth? You owe me a rewrite. Love, Allison.

Next time, in 'Meanwhile, in the travels of The Ruckus...': Ghafir Akbar and the mysteries of Sarasota. Hint: great weather! MFA candidates!

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