Monday, October 12, 2009

Project PKD

Unrelated to TELL IT...

I'm embarking on a new literary project: To read the entire bibliography of Philip K. Dick in the order in which the works were written. That's 36 novels and 121 short stories. I have imposed a deadline on myself of October 10, 2010. 10.10.10 - this was unintentional.

I am a great fan of sci-fi, and PKD may be my favorite author in this or any other genre. He was no technological visionary (See: Arthur C. Clarke), but more than any other writer of speculative fiction, PKD inhabited the head space of the future - presenting a vision of mankind's forthcoming alienation, not a litany of his greatest toys.

I invite anyone interested to join me. I will be purchasing all the novels, and am happy to loan them out to careful comrades.

Don't know who PKD is? Have you seen the film Blade Runner? Minority Report? A Scanner Darkly? These are all adaptations of his work. If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the novel upon which Blader Runner is based, or Ubik, a story with perhaps the most interesting premise in the storied history of the premise.
Game On. Or in this case, Read On.
Edit: Project PKD now has its own blog, Follow along as I drive myself inexorably mad...


Katie said...

I like this project. I have only read "Do Androids..." but I enjoyed it heartily. Good luck.

Joshua Lind said...

Wow, that's an ambitious undertaking! I've read 25 of his novels and a bunch of the short stories, but haven't found the time to finish them all. Here's hoping Dick's intense vision of reality and its provisionality doesn't warp you too much! You should post your reactions now and again.