Friday, May 7, 2010

Making the Video: The Gay American trailer #2

Or what one might call 'Stevie, Neal, Julie and Aaron unleash their inner Britneys'. Trailer forthcoming, photos below. Big thanks to Ruckuser Byron Melton, who produced, actors Stevie Chaddock, Julie Cowden, Aaron Dean and Neal Starbird, who thoroughly brought it, and Jared Ewing of LJE Productions, who generously donated his time and considerable talents. Give him yer bizness!

Product placement!

Hell of a family portrait, don't you think?

Oh, poor Morag.

Straight gangster.

Stage Manager Lizzy Powers has her turn in the stall.

Byron is such an auteur.

It's Britney, b*#ch!

Brian Ruby costars as the Statue of Liberty.

Thanks again, Jared!


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