Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Ruckus from Byron Melton - 7/28

First Stumblethrough.

The time ran pretty well for a first run – especially with new material. Found some new things in my character’s act II climax scene.

The company works like I haven’t worked since Southern Methodist University – late night rehearsals – staying focused after a day’s work for most of us, most days. Allison especially has the unwavering focus borne of the skilled worker on a good project. Josh’s character – Nick – gets a bit more brutally effective every time we run the scenes in which he’s intoxicated – there are a few of those.

Shout out to Jeffrey for rocking this publicity thing so mercilessly. He’s treated us cast members like film stars. And the crew in whole has treated my wife and I like family.


Money, Money, Money will be performing at the fundraiser Aug 6th. We’ve got a few new songs to lay on the crowd - so I hope you’ll be joining us there. Dress Noir, I’m thinking it might look something like that night-club scene in Dark City with any luck.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

Game On. Byron Melton.

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