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You just heard from managing director and sometime villain Jeffrey Fauver, and now, the wonderful Sarah Bockel. Sarah gets into all kinds of mischief in our little corner of the world, and we love her for it. Here's how she works her magic.

Why I spent an hour watching crazy people speak in tongues on youtube but decided on Milla Jovovich instead

Let me catch you up a little here. Back in September when I saw The Ruckus' posting for Boy Choir I was terribly excited. The project was original, a bit twisted, and most of all, a good story. I wanted to be involved and I loved the idea of boys playing girls, but when I heard there was a also witch character in the story I knew I was sold. I had just gotten back from a gig where I understudied the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, but never got to go on. It was like fate. I had another chance at being a creepy, bizarre, witch. IT WAS MY TURN. So here I am, the luckiest girl, my wish came true and I get to play a witch. and not just any witch. A witch that speaks in TONGUES. YES my friends, tongues. I was daunted by this task. Did I need to have some kind of religious experience? Did I need to speak to a
Jesuit priest? What about chanting? would that help? But director Dan Caffrey and writer Aaron Dean soothed my fears and gave me some advice.
So, what does one do when presented with the task of playing a witch that speaks in tongues?

one goes on youtube.

DUH. that's the solution for everything. They gave some a few suggestions of where to start and here's where it led.

I started here...
This guy was basically useless. He goes on for about 9 minutes talking about...whatever hes talking about, then FINALLY "speaks" in tongues for about 30 seconds. which does seem authentic, i guess, but not really the sound I'm looking for. Not helpful. After a few more similar videos i found this.


So then my search took a turn for the scary and I stumbled upon this...
The Exorcism of Emily Rose is based on this chick. That's a recording of her speaking while possessed. I...don't want to talk about this anymore, I'm getting creeped out.

At this point I needed to watch something light. Not anything to do with The Exorcist.

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