Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It would appear that Jeffrey wrote his blog post... in character.

The Choirmaster is…lots of things. A swirling mass of contradictions.

He is perfect. Never question that. He has worked very hard to attain this perfection, and he deserves your respect.

Embroidered on his gown are some of the finest brooches and jewels from across Europe. He is beauty.

Relax, he is also kind and gentle—a cuddly teddy bear loved by all his pupils. He is admired throughout Haltsburg for his soft touch and winning smile.

Really, he is friends with all who know him.

Choirmaster is a maestro—a master of music, specializing in Austria’s most brilliant, and divinely-inspired composers.

He rewards the hard work of his pupils daily with a warm bed and nutritionally-sufficient meals.

On the other hand, he does reprimand laziness, lack of musicality and losing performances.

Ingles is his servant. Good for almost nothing, he does execute directly all punishments. Choirmaster has never laid a hand on a pupil. But--beware and always

Remember, he

Might filch from you what you cherish most,

Apprehend your young ones,

Steal them in the night and

Take from them any chance at a normal childhood or healthy adulthood.

Everything he does is for himself.

Repulsed by him you may be. But he’s got your son, and he’s never giving him back.

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