Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sebastian Duder and an episode of BYTES!




And no, that isn’t what you think. Or maybe it is.

Soon, very soon you’ll all have your suspicions confirmed.

Or denied.

Or something.

Look at these!!!!

The abs. Of steel. And American.

This is patriotism at its best. Explosive and sexy.

By the way, Happy Easter.

Cute right? Cuddly, right?

This is what people want to see.

This is what people want to experience, sex followed by cuddling. It’s comforting, it’s routine, it’s expected.

In other words: it’s ideal. This is what we’re fighting for, Warriors.


We keep things together, we honor ourselves and those who came before us by living up to these ideals.

Fuck the Commies.

Also, who’s hungry?

You want this. I can tell your salivary glands are salivating.

That’s what happens when you want something delectable, something that’s gonna tantalize your senses, assault your reason and quench your thirst.

That’s what I give you,

just like those before me.

Boom. Look at his

determination. His

resolve. His cockiness at

knowing he’s the rightest

person in the world.

He was an amateur.

What I’m gonna show you is a million times more explosive.

Happy Easter.

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