Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rayne Droppe: The Person (not the stuff that’s been falling from the sky all April)

When you hear the name “Rayne Droppe,” what kind of person do you think of? Probably some tie-dye wearing, peace sign flashing, go-with-the-flow hippie, am I right? Hmmm, not quite.

So who is Rayne Droppe? No, really, who is she? We’re still writing here, folks. Your input would be really helpful. Ok, ok, enough joking around! Yes, we are still writing this beast, but we have pretty good idea of who this gal is and (not that I’m attached or anything) she’s pretty great.

I’d say she’s a mix of Max Fischer (ala Rushmore) and Rachel Berry (for all you Gleeks out there). Some say she’s more akin to a Disney princess. However you’d describe Miss Droppe, I think you’d all agree on one thing; she’s endearing as hell.

Rayne’s insecurities shine through as she strives for perfection, and if you asked her to describe herself, she’d give you a list of all her “qualifications” (i.e. breeding, soccer, macramé, scrapbooking, taxidermy, portraiture…I think you get the point).

Obviously, Rayne has a lot to learn about who she truly is, including the fact that her identity is not comprised of self-assigned accolades. What she doesn’t realize is that only through other people, actual human-to-human interaction, can she discover these truths about herself.

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