Friday, August 7, 2009

Highlights of a Noir Bar

Last night was pretty amazing. Here is a list of my favorite parts of the evening:
  • A borrowed long cigarette holder
  • A black beret, purchased at American Apparel for $24
  • Playing my ukulele in front of a full bar for the first time ever!
  • Byron starting to chant my name during the set
  • Melissa’s vintage dress that fit her perfectly
  • Red, red lipstick
  • Allison’s mid-party costume change
  • Ryan’s awesome 40’s hair
  • Josh’s fedora & trench coat
  • Mitch playing the most amazing set with the most amazing guitar – complete with “Moondance”
  • Running into an old friend I hadn’t seen in at least a year, if not two. It’s a small world, people.
  • I almost forgot – open bar! 2 G&T, 1 whiskey diet
  • Intro-ing Money Money Money
  • Byron’s reaction to the MMM intro
  • MONEY MONEY MONEY. They were seriously awesome
  • Raffle!
  • Winning the perfect raffle prize for me! Comic books and a bike tune-up!
  • Stopping on the way home for a bottle of water. A lot of singing and screaming and drinking does not treat your throat well.
Thanks to everyone who came out and had a great time supporting and partying for The Ruckus!


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