Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Oddities of Rehearsal Spaces

From stage manager Bridget Dougherty

What this city really needs is what everyone had in college – a big wipe board with a schedule of all the rehearsal rooms on it and you just get to sign up on the board for when you need rehearsal space. And it’s free. It’s cause you pay tuition, but still, essentially free.

We have been moving around a bit with this show. Next week we get to move into our first real “home” where we can actually tape out the floor (yea!). Of course, this move comes just before we move into the actual performance space to begin tech, but whoo hoo! It’s a real rehearsal space!

Not that we haven’t been treated well as squatters at our usual space…

Pictured in rehearsal for Heist Play are Melissa Pryor and David Hornreich.

Or that our weekend rehearsal home (really a company members apartment) hasn’t been a cozy place to work.

Pictured are Aaron Dean and Neal Starbird.

Heck, it has even been nice getting to rehearse and do warm-ups while enjoying the gorgeous sunset...

Pictured are Joshua Davis, Katie Canavan, Byron Melton, Melissa Pryor and Neal Starbird.

But geeze, it will be nice to be in a real rehearsal space that is all our own. We’ll let you know how it goes.


Allison said...

Also pictured in photo #2 is Byron Melton's foot. I'm just saying. ACCURACY, PEOPLE.

Katie said...

rehearsing outside was my faaaavorite!!